Monday, January 24, 2011

Cube2 - download

Hi all

here is the download link for our game Cube2!


Monday, January 17, 2011

cube2 - meeting records

hi all

this is the updated meeting records for G302

thanks for viewing!

Cube2 - Hours board

hi all

these are the updated hours board for G302

thanks for viewing

Cube2 - coding

hi all

at the end of the last FYP, the digital prototype still had quite a number of bugs and issues
some of them included:

- Game breaking bugs for Tutorials and Levels 3 and 4
- Collision issues with the blocks

because of these issues, our first priority when we started with our G302 was to actually debug as much of the game as possible.

issues resolved:

- All levels playable
- Collision issues such as player or blocks getting stuck in each other\

Thanks for viewing

cube2 - new art

hi all

following feedback on the art style and the need for it to be more cohesive and consistent, we decided to change it.

our final art style is based mainly on origami

here's how we did it:

firstly, we made the origami pieces

then we had them photographed

lastly, using photoshop, we added in the colours and the designs as well
Thanks for viewing

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



this was the hours board of our game in excel

meeting records

hi all,

here is the meeting records for the meetings we have had over the course of the project